Abuse of law discussed again at the Supreme Administrative Court

In its recent judgment ref. no. 6 AFS 376/2018-46 of 14 November 2019, the Supreme Administrative Court (hereinafter the “SAC”) dealt with the concept of abuse of law. Let us remind you that the concept of abuse of law is generally interpreted as a situation in which legislation being applied in its literal wording leads to a solution which is contrary to its own sense and purpose. What was the case about? What did the SAC decide? 

10. 1. 2020
Deloitte Live 

What is the Green Deal all about?

Launching the Green Deal, a new strategy for green growth, on 11 December, the European Commission made a powerful move to voice out its ambition for establishing Europe as the first net-zero greenhouse gas emissions continent and climate neutral economy by 2050. The newly adopted communication of the College of EU Commissioners sets out a roadmap with a sequence of measures and policies that should “enable European citizens and businesses to benefit from the sustainable green transition.“ 

20. 12. 2019
Deloitte Live 

Czech Christmas in America

It was a six-hour drive from Philadelphia to a small village in Massachusetts to visit Grandma and Grandfather for Christmas. During the journey, Count Henry Francis Kolowrat would sit with a dog named Red in his lap, who would try to attack every toll collector in their blue uniforms at every toll gate on the highway. Christmas Eve dinner for 23 adults and children, each year followed the same script and those funny stories are not forgotten. These are Henry Kolowrat's memories of Czech Christmas in America, where he was also born. How does a nobleman find himself in Deloitte? And how does he remember his grandfather? 

13. 12. 2019
Deloitte Live 

Enterprises and crisis management: How to efficiently avoid problems and reduce any potential losses?

Effective management and overcoming sudden crises is one of the principal tasks of each management team. It is a far from a simple mission– there are usually numerous important factors and consequently every minute and every step are often important. How to effectively deal with crisis situations? How to get ready for them? We focused on these and other questions during another one of our seminars at Deloitte Academy. 

12. 12. 2019