Articles by: Ján Kuklinca


E-shop Must Pay Compensation to a Client for a Login Data Breach

In the case of a user who sued a Czech e-shop provider for a login and identification data breach, the Court reached a judgement and awarded financial compensation to the plaintiff. Would you like to find out more? Read the December issue of our TechLaw Newsletter. In the field of personal data protection, we further analyse the draft methodology of the Czech Office for Personal Data Protection regarding the correct conduct of the data protection impact assessment. Furthermore, we discuss an important European case law concerning the limits of employee monitoring. 

28. 1. 2020
Technology  Law 

Personal Data Processing News

This time we focus on the most important findings from the published information regarding inspections and decisions of the Office for Personal Data Protection in the first half of 2019. We are also reporting on further development concerning codes of conduct and certifications, on the procedure in the event of a security breach and procedure for informing customers about personal data processing, on an important decision related to cookies, and on an effort to unify the procedure for issuing penalties in Germany, and possibly the whole EU. 

22. 11. 2019

Legal News in e-Commerce, Blockchain and FinTech

The latest news in the area of e-commerce includes the adoption of an EU regulation for multilateral platforms, a bill that may enable the utilisation of banking identities in online legal acts, new obligations concerning Strong Customer Authentication and progress achieved in the implementation of new consumer directives. As a matter of interest, we are also presenting a study focusing on appropriate forms of communicating legal information. 

18. 10. 2019
Technology  Law 

Personal Data Processing News [July 2019]

Personal data protection does not go unnoticed even in the summer. Great attention was attracted in particular by the British data protection authority ICO, which announced the possibility of imposing fines worth of millions of pounds on British Airways and Marriott. The European Data Protection Board also kept busy and adopted a series of important documents at its last meeting. The fate of standard contractual clauses and the Privacy Shield as a tool for transferring personal data to third countries and the US remains in the centre of attention. 

6. 8. 2019

GDPR: The Mystery Regarding the Personal Data Retention Period to Be Resolved by the GDPR Detective

The Detective was assigned to a new case. The Detective needs to resolve whether company ABC which processes e-mail addresses to send marketing offers does not retain personal data too long. Is the company prepared for the changes to be introduced in May 2018? What are the measures which the company needs to take to meet the GDPR requirements? Can your company identify with this mystery? 

28. 3. 2018