Articles by: Tomáš Babáček


Sustainable transformation is gaining strength: What changes will greening the economy bring?

There is probably no need to emphasise what exceptional times we live in. Society is changing at a dizzying pace and is able to adapt to pandemic conditions with unprecedented flexibility. The newly acquired capabilities resulting from rapid and complex changes are an opportunity for us to open a number of social topics that we have not been comfortable discussing thus far. Greening the economy is one of them. Part of society will naturally perceive it as a forced mantra but let us take a different look and consider it as an opportunity for improvement. 

26. 10. 2020

The pace of environmental degradation is seconded by the pace of environmental regulation

The peed of the development of various innovations and the pace of incoming signals about environmental degradation are increasing, creating a confusing tangle of calls for quick solutions, new constraints and other environmental protection plans. And all of this often before we can figure out the consequences of previous actions. Hence, regulatory patches are created, such as mentioned compensation scheme for the expected high price of emission allowances so that companies do not leave Europe. 

16. 7. 2020

Understand First and Then Regulate

Legal regulations may sometimes be scary. They a priori provoke aversion, generating enormous compliance costs. Rules are often duplicate or even contradictory. Public regulation is beyond control in certain areas, with the available capacity of companies or the current technology being unable to ensure full compliance with all norms. Regulations are often inadequate to the risks against which they should protect, disregarding those of greater significance.  

16. 11. 2018