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Tax administrations in Central Europe tighten their procedures

Tax authorities across Central Europe have significantly tightened their procedures both in relation to the number of audits performed and the manner in which the audits are performed. The primary areas that tax authorities focus on include VAT and transfer pricing. In most Central European countries, tax administrators require taxable entities to provide an increasing amount of evidence during tax audits and they have also begun to focus on the set-up of processes within the companies. 

19. 6. 2018

The Battle for Professional Secrecy is Over. Or is it…?

The proposed amendment to the Tax Code, about which we have already informed you, was, following heated debates, finally approved by the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament on 21 March 2018. The original proposal, which substantially exceeded the requirement of the directive on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation on which it should have been based, was, in the end, adopted in a relatively compromising form. 

5. 4. 2018