The Latest Schedule of the OP PIK Calls

The timetable of OP PIK calls for 2019 was updated in early May. The table below presents the latest schedule of the already announced calls under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness (“OP PIK”), including the deadlines for submitting grant applications in individual programmes.

* SME – small and medium-sized enterprise, LE – large enterprise

The article is part of dReport – May 2019, Tax news; Grants and investment Incentives.

Operational Programme Subsidy Schedule Subsidies and investment incentives OP PIK

Investment incentives will have new rules

On 7 June 2019, the Chamber of Deputies approved the government proposal of an amendment to the Act on Investment Incentives, Bulletin of the Chamber of Deputies no. 298 of 8 October 2018. The amendment can be expected to come into force approximately in September 2019. The approved amendment will represent the basic framework of conditions for awarding investment incentives. Most of the general conditions for granting investment incentives will be flexibly regulated by a governmental decree based on the economic situation and the needs of the labour market. 

14. 6. 2019

Announcement of the first call for proposals in the TREND programme

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic announced the first call for proposals in the TREND programme, focusing on the support of applied research and experimental development. The objective of the TREND programme is to support projects focusing on implementing the results of industrial research and experimental development in practice and on the support of penetration of new markets. The programme is organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, but the provider of the support is the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. 

24. 5. 2019