“I had just become pregnant when I was nominated for the directors’ panel. I had not expected such flexibility. I had not expected to continue to be nominated given that I was pregnant. I thought they would stop the entire process,” says Tereza Kavan Klimešová in recalling 2012, when she became a Tax & Legal Director at Deloitte. From then on, she managed to take one more maternity leave, work part-time, strengthen the position of the Japanese Desk and achieve the ultimate goal: this year, she became a Partner. 

11. 6. 2018

Deloitte Has Five New Partners… Meet DANIELA HYNŠTOVÁ

Can you imagine working at one and the same firm right out of college? You gradually climb up the career ladder, work on significant engagements and clients and manage your own teams until one day you reach the highest goal – you become a Partner. Only one thing comes to your mind then: Is it not a bit of a stereotype after 16 years? “I barely recognise this word at Deloitte,” says Daniela Hynštová, a new Deloitte Partner managing audits of financial institutions, smiling. “Given that you frequently change positions, and in Audit this occurs almost on an annual basis, your responsibilities change and so do your roles.” 

5. 6. 2018