Digital business transformation: The arrival of new technologies is inevitable, Czechs are demanding customers

Every good CEO should be able to keep up with new technologies and use them as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, digital business transformation is a long haul and can sometimes become a stumbling block. Often, however, it is only a matter of starting with a change of mindset and opening yourself to progress. How do companies drive their customers crazy? How is digitalisation perceived by companies such as or Feedo? The Digital Transformation panel, as part of the Retail Summit organised by Blue Events, brought answers to these questions. 

11. 2. 2019

Will Blockchain Replace Established Payment Systems Going Forward?

"As a store of value, cryptocurrencies are not a suitable commodity or suitable institutes. The initially expected payment function proved to be ineffective," says Radek Musílek, an Attorney-at-Law at Deloitte Legal and a member of the Banking & Finance team. Read more about the actual situation regarding the legal regulation of blockchain and the latest trends in finance in interview for online magazine 

1. 11. 2018

Dynamic Pricing: It is not Just about Technology. It is about Changing How the Whole Business Works

Every day, based on the supplied data, the system calculates the optimal sales prices. The calculations are made based on the products purchased by the customers, their behaviour on the websites or how they cancelled purchases or sought warranty claims. This is exactly what day-to-day dynamic price optimisation is about: It is an automated method for defining best prices based on the demand, the competitors’ prices and the targets defined by companies. Moreover, it can be performed on a daily basis. 

26. 9. 2018

Smart solutions in cities can prevent wastage. Public sector still uncertain about how to tackle it

Passenger and freight transportation becomes increasingly more complicated for individual cities; drivers wait in traffic jams and waste fuel while seeking a suitable parking place. People often drive to see a doctor although a number of issues could be resolved via a mobile phone or tablet. Smart solutions in cities set the alarm bells ringing. Nevertheless, there is a snag in it. The motivation of the public sector to implement smart solutions is lower than in the private sphere. How can one use smart solutions more effectively? How much do Vodafone’s clients save by using the Internet of Things (IoT)? 

6. 8. 2018

Autonomous Cars: Liability for Damage

Autonomous cars are not only hitting the headlines of articles reporting on the progress achieved or partial failures in this area but are also subject to “serious” analyses dealing with technology, business and legal aspects. Autonomous cars are also considered in the broader context of individual mobility transformation, which simply refers to the transition from traditional car ownership to the sharing of cars with AI features, including other issues such as connectivity, use-based payments, customized insurance paid based on consumption, and telematics. 

2. 8. 2018