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Enterprises and crisis management: How to efficiently avoid problems and reduce any potential losses?

Effective management and overcoming sudden crises is one of the principal tasks of each management team. It is a far from a simple mission– there are usually numerous important factors and consequently every minute and every step are often important. How to effectively deal with crisis situations? How to get ready for them? We focused on these and other questions during another one of our seminars at Deloitte Academy. 

12. 12. 2019

How to make the most of work meetings? Set expectations, rules and roles of individuals

Meeting. Status. A principal business instrument on how to move swiftly forward, agree, and allocate tasks in a clear, organised and effective manner. At first glance, the easiest thing which often results in a struggle of ideas, space for definition of positions, and game establishing who is the smarter one. The result is a non-effective ritual which wastes time, sources and brings more complications than steps forward. What is the main reason? 

26. 11. 2019

Risk Advisory: Forthcoming Changes in the Financial Sector in the Context of Sustainability

A link between finance and sustainable development has recently become one of the major topics for EU regulatory bodies and national governments. Whereas in the past, negotiations primarily centred on financing the political agenda dealing with the so-called Sustainable Development Goals, financial regulatory issues are now increasingly more focused on the sustainability of investments and financial systems in general. 

22. 11. 2019

Deloitte Shared Services Conference 2019 addressed current topics and the latest technology for shared services centres

The Deloitte Shared Services Conference in Dublin was attended by 27 major clients from the Czech Republic. The 2019 conference focused on robotic automation, artificial intelligence, digital HR and the future of work, which rank among the hot topics at present, as well as on the latest technologies for shared services centres. At this year’s conference, Deloitte Czech Republic introduced a demo version of Anaplan developed by our Financial Transformation team that was custom-tailored to the specific needs of the SSC sector. 

22. 10. 2019

Deloitte Technology Fast 50: gold for Prusa Research and FF Trader, bronze for and Blindspot Solutions

The Central European ranking of the fifty fastest growing technological firms Deloitte Technology Fast 50 was dominated by 19 companies from the Czech Republic! They include the most successful Czech company, 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Research, which ranked second, and Blindspot Solutions on the third place – a newcomer in the competition focused on the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Prusa Research found itself on the podium twice, because in addition to its achievement in Fast 50, it was also successful in the Big 5 category for large players, where it was the winner. Czech technological companies thus created a record in the 20-year-long history of this competition. 

21. 10. 2019

Deloitte 3XO Club: Retired Employees Training How to Reveal Fraud E-Mails

Every e-mail inbox owner has certainly encountered fraud e-mails in their life. Even though the success rate of such attacks is low, there is one target group that is most jeopardised by these attacks: senior citizens. This is why we organise the Deloitte 3XO club for retired professionals with the goal of learning to deal with technology and all the pitfalls brought along by the modern times. And how about you? Do you think you would be able to recognise a phishing e-mail with certainty? 

11. 10. 2019

Children discovered food of the future at the Deloitte KidsXO club meeting

The growing number of the world’s population goes hand in hand with increasing food consumption. Standard resources and manners of food production are no longer sufficient and it is thus high time that we start seeking new possibilities. What will our diet be like in the future? Are we going to eat meat produced in laboratories? Will insects become the main component of our diet? These questions were addressed at the September meeting of the KidsXO club for children aged 8 or more, focusing on the future of food. 

30. 9. 2019

New Deloitte Building: Classic Corporate Environment Is a Matter of the Past, We Have Moved to a Completely Different Administrative Building

The task was clear: we said “no” to another classic office, we aimed for a unique building with a new interior that uses modern technologies for its everyday operation. A building with an interior that will induce a family like environment and make our employees feel comfortable. This is what Churchill I, Deloitte’s new headquarters, is like. For example, it makes use of energy recuperation and it uses water from the retention reservoirs for watering the green vegetation enclosing the building. The office building at Vinohrady in Prague is designed as a tree with branches – there are 7 floors “stemming” from the trunk. The new premises recently hosted the latest Deloitte SheXo club meeting. 

2. 7. 2019