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The Ministry of Health published a new price regulation after six years

On Friday, 14 December 2018 the Ministry of Health published on its web site new price regulation 1/2019/FAR of 12 December 2018 regulating prices of medicinal products and food for special medical purposes and new price decision 1/19-FAR of 12 December 2018 defining a list of ATC groups which are not subject to the maximum price regulation in the defined drug form. What news has been introduced by the price regulation? Selected aspects are summarised below. 

18. 12. 2018

Deloitte’s employees live and breathe sports, with running becoming a phenomenon. Do you know running business lunches?

Beach volleyball, swimming and yoga classes guided by experienced instructors rank among activities which are offered by Deloitte Czech Republic to its employees. Cycling along with running are number one at Deloitte. Deloitte’s employees simply love running and thanks to one of Deloitte’s partners, running is also becoming increasingly more popular among our clients. You already know the “running sushi” concept but have you heard of “running business lunches”? 

4. 12. 2018

The willingness of Czech companies to invest in R&D is great; however, it is hindered by the unclear interpretation of grant and subsidy rules

For more than half of Czech companies, the uncertainty involved in assessing grants and tax relief/deductions carried out by tax authorities and other supervising bodies belongs to the largest problems that accompany the existing situation in the area of subsidy assessment. Yet, companies want to invest in their research and development activities, and the number of companies willing to invest in R&D activities increases each year. However, how strong is their willingness to invest? What obstacles do they have to overcome? Deloitte together with the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic carried out a survey in order to find answers to these questions. 

27. 11. 2018

Investors and city representatives met in search of a friendly city. Deloitte was also present

At present, cities are the main VAT drivers, their economy is growing and their position is even stronger with the expansion of digital technology. People want to move to cities and live there which is also the case of Prague. How should cities develop to meet the needs of citizens, investors, tourists and other groups? “Private and public investors are crucial for cities; without their help, cities or the state cannot do much,” said Miroslav Linhart from Deloitte at the 2018 Friendly City conference and added: “Investors anticipate that the essential role of a city will involve dominant infrastructure solutions. This is what is missing in Prague.” 

18. 9. 2018

TeenXO: The generation that will send tourists to Mars

They were practically born with mobile phones and tablets in their hands, they use social media as the primary source of news about everyday life and the world. These are today’s teens, the kids who create our future. And we are counting on them. For this reason, we prepared a special programme for them as part of the next Deloitte KidsXO meeting at the September Future Port Prague and we gave them an opportunity to meet the main faces of the conference. 

11. 9. 2018