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Bioengineering, autonomous vehicles or real-life Iron Man. The second year of the Singularity University conference was held in Prague

What technological innovations are waiting for us in the coming years? How will they affect our lives and the functioning of companies? And how to prepare for them? Silicon Valley visionaries tried to answer these and other questions at the Singularity University summit in early April. The Topics that were covered as part of this year’s meeting were many, from modern technologies and digital innovations, to finance and banking, to physics, biotechnology or education. 

4. 4. 2019

An Interview with Diana Rádl Rogerová, Deloitte Managing Partner

Diana started working for Deloitte at a time when there were only about 50 employees, computers were not part of standard equipment in the offices, and working for the Big Four was a dream job. She built her career on the fact that she has never been afraid to ask and admit mistakes and she has always put her family first. All these factors helped her become the first woman ever to be leading Deloitte. What is Diana Rádl Rogerová like? 

20. 3. 2019

Digital business transformation: The arrival of new technologies is inevitable, Czechs are demanding customers

Every good CEO should be able to keep up with new technologies and use them as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, digital business transformation is a long haul and can sometimes become a stumbling block. Often, however, it is only a matter of starting with a change of mindset and opening yourself to progress. How do companies drive their customers crazy? How is digitalisation perceived by companies such as or Feedo? The Digital Transformation panel, as part of the Retail Summit organised by Blue Events, brought answers to these questions. 

11. 2. 2019

Deloitte’s Conference Addressed the Current Issues and Challenges Faced by the Czech Health Care System

A shortage of nurses, doctors and medical students and their subsequent departure abroad, overtime work by medical staff, a low proportion of GDP going towards health care, and low wages and salaries. These are the most pressing issues affecting the Czech health care system as cited by Josef Veselka, Head of the Cardiological Clinic of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and the Motol University Hospital. What could be the solution? Restructuring the network of health care facilities, centralising patients and treatment, and reorganising the health care system as such. 

25. 1. 2019

The Ministry of Health published a new price regulation after six years

On Friday, 14 December 2018 the Ministry of Health published on its web site new price regulation 1/2019/FAR of 12 December 2018 regulating prices of medicinal products and food for special medical purposes and new price decision 1/19-FAR of 12 December 2018 defining a list of ATC groups which are not subject to the maximum price regulation in the defined drug form. What news has been introduced by the price regulation? Selected aspects are summarised below. 

18. 12. 2018

Deloitte’s employees live and breathe sports, with running becoming a phenomenon. Do you know running business lunches?

Beach volleyball, swimming and yoga classes guided by experienced instructors rank among activities which are offered by Deloitte Czech Republic to its employees. Cycling along with running are number one at Deloitte. Deloitte’s employees simply love running and thanks to one of Deloitte’s partners, running is also becoming increasingly more popular among our clients. You already know the “running sushi” concept but have you heard of “running business lunches”? 

4. 12. 2018