Deloitte Live

New Deloitte Building: Classic Corporate Environment Is a Matter of the Past, We Have Moved to a Completely Different Administrative Building

The task was clear: we said “no” to another classic office, we aimed for a unique building with a new interior that uses modern technologies for its everyday operation. A building with an interior that will induce a family like environment and make our employees feel comfortable. This is what Churchill I, Deloitte’s new headquarters, is like. For example, it makes use of energy recuperation and it uses water from the retention reservoirs for watering the green vegetation enclosing the building. The office building at Vinohrady in Prague is designed as a tree with branches – there are 7 floors “stemming” from the trunk. The new premises recently hosted the latest Deloitte SheXo club meeting. 

2. 7. 2019

Critical thinking: Road to professional growth and personal development

Not falling prey to the first impression, not blindly adopting other people’s opinions, maintaining distance and being able to form your own opinion based on knowledge and experience – these are the abilities necessary for keeping track of the infinite amount of information that rushes in at us from all directions every day. Whether we are talking about personal or professional life, we will simply not be able to do without critical thinking in the future. Can this ability be learned? And what are its practical benefits? We focused on these and other question at our third MeetUp, where we bring young people seminars and workshops focused on trends in the area of the future of work. 

10. 6. 2019

Mountaineering is more similar to competition regulation than you think. How to become a Leopard on the market?

When the mountains are you passion and you aspire to become a Snow Leopard and to win the prestigious award for climbers of five peaks of 7000m and above located in the former Soviet Union – you must exert considerable effort. You undergo immense risk and must rely on your organisational skills, perseverance, patience as well as team work. You must think of the big picture. As in business. Mountaineering is more similar to guidance of the firms though the limits of the competition regulation than you think. Why don´t you win in economic competition and become a Leopard in your market? 

28. 5. 2019

Bioengineering, autonomous vehicles or real-life Iron Man. The second year of the Singularity University conference was held in Prague

What technological innovations are waiting for us in the coming years? How will they affect our lives and the functioning of companies? And how to prepare for them? Silicon Valley visionaries tried to answer these and other questions at the Singularity University summit in early April. The Topics that were covered as part of this year’s meeting were many, from modern technologies and digital innovations, to finance and banking, to physics, biotechnology or education. 

4. 4. 2019

An Interview with Diana Rádl Rogerová, Deloitte Managing Partner

Diana started working for Deloitte at a time when there were only about 50 employees, computers were not part of standard equipment in the offices, and working for the Big Four was a dream job. She built her career on the fact that she has never been afraid to ask and admit mistakes and she has always put her family first. All these factors helped her become the first woman ever to be leading Deloitte. What is Diana Rádl Rogerová like? 

20. 3. 2019