Understand First and Then Regulate

Legal regulations may sometimes be scary. They a priori provoke aversion, generating enormous compliance costs. Rules are often duplicate or even contradictory. Public regulation is beyond control in certain areas, with the available capacity of companies or the current technology being unable to ensure full compliance with all norms. Regulations are often inadequate to the risks against which they should protect, disregarding those of greater significance.  

16. 11. 2018

Will Blockchain Replace Established Payment Systems Going Forward?

"As a store of value, cryptocurrencies are not a suitable commodity or suitable institutes. The initially expected payment function proved to be ineffective," says Radek Musílek, an Attorney-at-Law at Deloitte Legal and a member of the Banking & Finance team. Read more about the actual situation regarding the legal regulation of blockchain and the latest trends in finance in interview for online magazine 

1. 11. 2018