What to watch out for when combining public support (subsidies or investment incentives) and R&D tax-deductible items?

Experience shows that a large number of companies only use one form of public support, whether these are subsidies or investment incentives, or an R&D tax-deductible item. In fact, these companies are often entitled to using several forms of support at the same time, combining them in an efficient manner and thus maximizing the benefits. Combining various forms of support, however, involves certain rules that need to be observed. 

23. 6. 2021

The Supreme Administrative Court has issued its first-ever statement on one-crown bonds

Recently, the Supreme Administrative Court was deciding for the first time on a case involving “one-crown bonds”. Surprisingly, the subject matter of the dispute did not concern the abuse of rights. The question was whether the company had proved the tax deductibility of bond interest in line with Section 24 (1) of the Income Tax Act. The Court agreed with the tax authorities on this matter and confirmed additional tax assessment. It should be pointed out that the factual circumstances of the case were specific. 

23. 6. 2021

Announcement of a GAMA 2 project public call

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has announced a public call focused on the support of applied research, experimental development and GAMA 2 innovations within sub-programme 2. The public tender supports the commercialisation of significant innovation solutions and growth as well as development of small and medium enterprises and start-ups. Furthermore, the verification of outputs and results of applied research is supported within the public tender with the aim of their further practical or commercial or social use. 

22. 6. 2021

Announcement of the first full RES+ programme calls

Within the Modernisation fund, the first so-called sharp calls have been announced in a new programme - this time in the RES+ programme focused on support of the installation of new energy sources and modernisation of existing renewable energy sources (RES) as well as elements of an active energy economy. Until 1 February this year, pre-registration was open for applications based on which it will now be possible to submit applications within the currently announced call. 

22. 6. 2021

The new EU Tax Policy Framework of the European Commission

On 18 May 2021, the European Commission (“EC”) published its long-awaited Communication on Business Taxation for the 21st Century, introducing a short-term and long-term vision for the business tax policy agenda. The proposed agenda should support Europe in recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and secure sufficient public revenues in upcoming years. This document complements the tax Action Plan presented by the European Commission in July 2020 as part of a package for fair and simple taxation. 

18. 6. 2021