The Restriction on the Export of Protective Equipment

Due to the current situation relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and an increased consumption of personal protective equipment, the European Union has decided to restrict its export. The measures apply to safety goggles and screens, face shields, masks, protective suits and gloves, regardless of whether the products originate from the EU or not. The export of a limited amount of these products can be permitted on the basis of a licence and only in restricted cases, i.e. mainly for humanitarian aid, to supply EU’s operations abroad, to assist the WHO or in other emergency operations. 

30. 3. 2020

COVID-19: Stabilisation package II, an overview of the existing measures for taxpayers and COVID loan programme

The Government has published additional measures for taxpayers and businesses to mitigate the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic (the so called “stabilisation and liberalisation package II”). A part of the drafts is subject to approval by the Parliament that should consider the proposals in the state of legislative emergency. No key tax measures have been approved yet for large and medium-sized companies. Most amendments relate to the postponement of tax payment to 2021 or remission of various sanctions but in effect, no tax liability is to be remitted. Partial salary payment (“kurzarbeit”) and provision of loans may be considered an effective aid for businesses. Individual amendments approved are outlined below. 

25. 3. 2020

Preparation of the Third Public Tender in the TREND Programme

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic plans to announce on 29 April the third public tender in the TREND programme, focusing on the support of industrial research and experimental development, specifically sub-programme 1 – Technology Leaders. The objective of the TREND programme is to support projects focusing on implementing the results of industrial research and experimental development in practice and on the support of penetration of new markets. Sub-programme 1 aims to support research and development (R&D) activities of business that intend to use them for their own business activities. 

20. 3. 2020