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11th Deloitte SheXO Club: In the Company of Butterflies and Tropical Plants

There could not be a more appropriate venue for a May meeting of the SheXO Club than the Fata Morgana glasshouse in the Troja Botanical Garden, which is why we invited the ladies there as part of their next event.

A welcome drink and introductory speeches by Deloitte Czech Republic’s Office Managing Partner Diana Radl Rogerová, Deloitte’s president Josef Kotrba and Director of Innovations Senta Čermáková opened a pleasant evening in the presence of butterflies, tropical plants and exotic delicacies. This time, what had been the eleventh SheXO Club meeting took place in Prague’s Troja Botanical Garden.

Exotic Plants: More than Just Pretty Colours

“We will explore multiple continents and the worlds of numerous plants,” said the tour guide Kateřina Veselovská by way of opening the tour of the glasshouse, which spans approximately 1,750 metres square.

The ladies admire a plant whose crown houses airy anthills, or plants with red leaves whose colour repels herbivores, thereby strategically protecting the youngest and most sensitive leaves. However, when they reach standard size, they turn traditional green.

Bamboo comes as a bit of a surprise as it is the fastest growing grass on earth. It actually grows by up to one millimetre per minute, or 50-80 centimetres per day. Have you heard that it was used as an instrument of torture during World War II?

“And did you know that fuchsia, which is grown as a house plant, produces edible fruit that tastes like sour cherries and can be made into delicious marmalade?”, concluded the tour guide on a surprising note.

The South American Ceiba pentandra plant also attracted interest for its fruit, whose hollow fibre (kapok) is extracted and used as filling in extreme-conditions sleeping bags, as did Aristolochia arborea, which has been found to contain active ingredients that could become part of significant medicine in the future.

Butterflies with Wings of All Colours

Subsequently, the ladies do not refuse the opportunity to smell the different components of the Fata Morgana No. 1 perfume placed on an educational panel. The fragrance is dominated by ylang-ylang blossoms and the strong scent of lemon grass. Other components include vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger.

The glasshouse also boasts freshwater aquariums full of tropical fish as well as fascinating butterflies from a butterfly farm in Stratford. However, they reveal an exquisite range of colours only once they spread their wings. They are mostly brown on the underside so as to blend in with the surroundings and not attract predators. The glasshouse’s hidden dwellers also reportedly include greenhouse frogs, which are the size of a thumb nail.

The South-African, Japanese Indian and Mexican corners offer traditional delicacies and beverages. “Few people know that Mexicans actually do not know the European way of drinking tequila with salt and lemon. It probably results from the fact that you will find salt and lemon on any table in Mexico,” mentions the head chef of the Mexican delicacies.

“It is a beautiful place and the food is great. But, do you know why I always come to SheXO Club and look forward to it? Because of the people who are here, they are so interesting and fun! SheXO’s topics are also always very well chosen but the biggest draw for me are these ladies,” says KLP Coaching Coach Kristin LaRonca Parpel.

May’s SheXo Club meeting in the unique Fata Morgana glasshouse is behind us. We will look forward to the ladies again in autumn.

Have you heard of our Deloitte SheXO Club?

“The idea behind it is for ladies in the business environment who are interested in the current affairs to network in an informal environment. We seek to share experience with one another, mentor women at the beginnings of their careers and jointly do things that contribute to society’s improvement.”
Diana Rádl Rogerová, Office Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic

“Through the SheXO Club, we wish to increase the confidence of Czech women, namely in technologies and the future. And we not only wish to focus on women who are already on the tops of their respective careers, but also on ambitious women who are only starting out in their careers.”
Senta Čermáková, Director for Strategic Projects

“Members of the SheXO Club meet well-known people, make new business as well as non-business contacts and visit places that they would not normally go to. The club offers a great variety of people as well as topics.”
Radka Mašková, Director at Tax&Legal

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