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Climate Rules in practice. The Czech Republic had its first project day

In June 2022, students from five Czech high schools met at the Prague Deloitte office to actively participate in the Climate Rules project day organised in cooperation with the Nvias and Bridge Academy foundations. Students formed groups and adopted leading roles in fictitious countries which had to deal with real problems related to the climate crisis and other socio-economic issues. During the five hours that represented the period of 100 years, they tried to figure out how to save the planet using technologies and innovations.

Attention! There is a risk of damage to the ecosystem, the human civilisation is in danger! It is up to you to save the country and help it solve the most pressing problems it faces. That is how the Climate Rules project day in Prague started. Young people tried hard to find the best ways to cope with the problems and present the results of their work afterwards. The winning team was from the secondary vocational school in Kladno.

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The Climate Rules project caught our attention mainly because it connects technologies with sustainability using an entertaining and creative approach and helps young people understand and grasp problems that current society is facing, from environmental to socioeconomic issues. The essential thing is that this programme inspires young people to be creative and look for new ways of solving problems using innovations and modern technologies and motivates them to think about our future.

author name Ivana Lorencovičová, Country Managing Partner of Deloitte CZ and SK and leader of the WorldImpact programme for Deloitte CE

The Climate Rules game made by Nvias strengthens competences for sustainable development. In addition to the development of technological solutions, students look for ways to cooperate, develop presentation skills when publicly defending their strategies, or learn diplomacy when trying to come to an agreement and find compromises in promoting joint solutions.

The game runs in five European countries and connects high school students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary.

WorldClimate by Deloitte
Because there is only one planet Earth

We will not go into details regarding the importance of this issue. We all know that. And we also know that there is no other planet we could live on at the moment. Therefore, if we want to protect our planet, we must be considerate of it. The base of our global WorldClimate strategy includes measurable and clear actions, which will lead to a more sustainable world and the mitigation of climate crisis impacts. Through education, innovations and modern technologies we want to inspire our employees and a broader community to make responsible decisions regarding the climate.

The change always starts inside. And we have started it.

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