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Deloitte Shared Services Conference 2019 addressed current topics and the latest technology for shared services centres

The Deloitte Shared Services Conference in Dublin was attended by 27 major clients from the Czech Republic. The 2019 conference focused on robotic automation, artificial intelligence, digital HR and the future of work, which rank among the hot topics at present, as well as on the latest technologies for shared services centres. At this year’s conference, Deloitte Czech Republic introduced a demo version of Anaplan developed by our Financial Transformation team that was custom-tailored to the specific needs of the SSC sector.

In the Czech Republic, Deloitte is the only implementation partner of Anaplan, which enables shared services centres to move on to the role of a strategic partner and transform the way of making strategic decisions. From planning, work with talents, over finance solutions to operational effectiveness – Anaplan is a platform that may be used for enhanced and better-informed business decisions as well as for faster responses to the evolving market dynamics. The tool is a cloud-native solution, allowing one to change individual roles and access rights. Every entry in Anaplan is multidimensional, meaning that it has to be made just once as it will be automatically recreated everywhere. This results in a clear audit trace. The demo version we have developed specifically focuses on workforce planning.

Anaplan in practice: Functionalities of our workforce planning demo

  • Planning goals as regards the volume of processed transactions, such as incoming invoices, travel expense reports, number of legal entities;
  • Capacity planning, i.e. how many people are required to cover an increased transaction volume, whether due to market growth or new migrations; and
  • Planning all personnel-related costs, such as a salary increase due to promotion or planning the costs of training.

In addition, Anaplan may be utilised in a variety of situations, including, for example, KPI reporting, the chargeback model and centralisation of the whole FP&A function in the SSC. To put it simply, Anaplan is like Lego – the only limit for what may be built from it is your imagination.

Deloitte Shared Services Conference is a prestigious conference in Europe. This year’s conference organised in Dublin was attended by 27 clients of Deloitte Czech Republic representing major SSCs, accompanied by Milan Kulhánek, Pavel Šimák, Tereza De Bardi, Gabriela Jindříšková, Tomáš Husner and Jana Marková. The conference topics involved, for example, robotic automation, artificial intelligence, digital HR as well as the future of work and human capital. Last year, the conference took place in Prague, having been attended by 950 clients of Deloitte from 50 countries. It focused primarily on sectoral digitalisation and innovation.

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