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Deloitte Signed the Diversity Charter

As part of the European Diversity Day, Deloitte and other 15 companies signed up to the Diversity Charter. The signature confirmed our commitment to continue to develop a working environment open to all employees regardless of their sex, age, nationality and health condition.

Patronage of the adherence to the Diversity Charter principles in the Czech Republic was assumed by the “Business for Society” non-profit organisation, which also coordinated the joining of new members, including Deloitte. So far, the Charter has been signed by 70 enterprises in the Czech Republic.

Why has Deloitte joined the Charter? “The magic lies in uniqueness; in the uniqueness of each of our 1,200 employees whose day-to-day presence embodies the essence of diversity. Diversity is the core power of our business. However, we cannot focus solely on business. We also have to take interest in those who make it work as the uniqueness of each of them represents a wide array of diversity aspects,” added David Batal, Partner in Charge in the Audit and Advisory function of Deloitte.

In the long-term, our understanding is that there is no place for differences between employees in the working environment in the 21st century. Take a look at how Deloitte Czech Republic makes an impact that matters.

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Audit inventory-checks are not just about counting. They will get you to places you normally have no chance of seeing

Inventory-checks. For auditors, they are one of the major tasks of their work. Does that not sound very engaging? Well, it depends on the point of view. Have you ever visited an operating theatre without undergoing surgery? Have you ever seen ink-stained banknotes? Auditors have. In their work, they visit places that ordinary "mortals" do not even dream of. Read about non-traditional inventories that have brought our auditors unforgettable experiences. 

30. 7. 2021
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Work from anywhere as a trend of the near future. How is the virtualisation of organisations going to impact the work content?

By enabling employees to work from their homes during the pandemic, a number of companies were able to maintain their operation continuity. At the same time, the work-from-home model appeared to suit many employees. How to comply with these employees‘ wishes while maintaining good results is a new challenge both for employers and team leaders. The so-called hybrid workplace or work from anywhere may be the solution here. What do these models entail? How will the work requirements themselves change with their introduction? And how to prepare the company for the new forms of remote work? These are some of the many questions every modern organisation should be asking. 

22. 7. 2021