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Deloitte Snowball: a programme for new audit joiners, where experience grows faster than a rolling snowball

Mere knowledge of theory is seldom sufficient in practice. Starting practice without knowledge of theory may easily become a nightmare. At Deloitte, we know this. That is why we have arranged a two-month Snowball training course for beginners, in which they will learn everything that fresh auditors cannot do without. In addition to many tech hacks, knowledge of accounting and audit methodology and their application in practice, they will also try dealing with the client. The obtained experience will help them prepare for unexpected situations and problems and make it easier for them to enter the world of audit.

Snow + ball => Snowball

“The training programme consists of several basic pillars, yet it provides space for flexible changes depending on the needs of participants. We are therefore not bound by a strict time allocation, but we can offer space for explaining problematic areas not only on a group but also on an individual basis. The goal of this approach is that new joiners can understand not only the theory, but they can also apply it in practice,” says Bára Veselá, Senior Analyst in the Audit & Assurance function, who tried Snowball first-hand during its debut year and now she herself is in the role of a trainer.

As well as Benny Kobosil, who works in the same position. He adds, to what Bára said, that students will gain know-how during the training that sole theory cannot offer, and will acquire soft skills necessary to tackle an issue. “It is important that they understand why they do specific things and steps. We do not tell them: you have to click here, you have to get this exactly according to the instructions. There are no clear instructions for it, every client is different. We want them to be the ones to come to terms with things instead of waiting for someone to stand behind them in real situations and dictate to them exactly what to do.”

Snowball in questions and answers

What is the most important thing on the way to understanding audit? 

Bára: Communication. Every client is different, as is the team in which we work. Therefore, there is no universal guide to learning how to communicate effectively. Moreover, at the beginning of your career, you do not know much about how to deal with a client, especially when you get in touch with people from top management. There is certain concern. As part of the training, we create plenty of opportunities to practice communication and learn from possible mistakes.

How does Snowball help new joiners without experience – what is important for them in general?

Benny: Approach them so that we can cover their needs as much as possible and create tailor-made training for them. We work in the field of services, so our aim is to make the client satisfied, but also to safely cover the audit assignment. That is why in Snowball, we focus a lot on soft skills training. New joiners have enough time to come to terms with the basic logistics and administrative system during the training. They get time long enough to acclimatise. At the same time, of course, they have to work very hard on themselves, which, in my opinion, they have been aware of since the first days.

What exactly is Snowball about?

Bára: The programme aims to prepare new joiners for the work of Analyst in audit. We thus start with an overview and gradually go into greater and greater detail. A part of the training also includes work on a real contract at the client, so the two-month training does not take place in a simulated environment. New joiners have plenty of opportunities to connect theory with practice, learn from their mistakes and during a joint debrief or panel discussions, they will realise that everyone overcomes some obstacles when starting out, which should not discourage them, but instead make them move on. As the saying goes, every mistake is an opportunity to learn something.

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