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Deloitte Technology Fast 50: gold for Prusa Research and FF Trader, bronze for and Blindspot Solutions

The Central European ranking of the fifty fastest growing technological firms Deloitte Technology Fast 50 was dominated by 19 companies from the Czech Republic! They include the most successful Czech company, 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Research, which ranked second, and Blindspot Solutions on the third place – a newcomer in the competition focused on the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Prusa Research found itself on the podium twice, because in addition to its achievement in Fast 50, it was also successful in the Big 5 category for large players, where it was the winner. Czech technological companies thus created a record in the 20-year-long history of this competition.

“The objective of this competition is the find out ambitious fast growing technological companies and make them more visible. We can say without exaggeration that anyone who means anything in the technology world in the Czech Republic has gone through this competition. Czech companies grow at the record rate and they have dominated the ranking for two years running. But this year is truly record-breaking, not just in terms of the number of award winners but in particular in terms of the number of tech companies that appeared in the main ranking,” says Jiří Sauer, leader of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, a hat-trick in the form of three consecutive first places in Fast 50 and thereby the title of the fastest growing tech Company in Central Europe, which went to the Czech Republic twice in a row thanks to Prusa Research (2018) and (2017), did not happen – the winner was the Lithuanian company Voltas IT with a growth rate of 5,734 percent… But it would not be Czech companies if they did not find another way. And so they took the gold elsewhere. Twice, just to be sure.

Five interesting facts about this year of the competition:

  1. Online supermarket, which appeared last year among Rising Stars (10th place in 2018) scored this year in the main competition of Fast 50 (12th place), and thank to its growth it simultaneously took third place among the Big 5, which includes companies that do not grow as quickly as the predators in the main category but their growth remains significant.
  2. A newcomer in the competition, Blindspot Solutions, reached a medal position and its voice was heard for the first time in the Central European competition from the third place. And given its field of business, we are certainly going to hear from it again.
  3. The special award as part of the Social Impact Award for companies with a product or service with a positive impact on the Company was won by the Czech company ERC-TECH. It has developed concrete from recycled construction debris. In terms of properties, this concrete is comparable with the traditionally produced material and on top of that, the one from the Czech Republic is environmentally friendly.
  4. The main ranking of Fast 50 has four Czech companies in top ten, all of them exceeded the average growth rate of the competition (1,129 %) and each of them excels in a different industry: they include 3D manufacturer Prusa Research on the second place, developer of artificial intelligence and machine learning Blindspot Solutions on the third place, manufacturer of wireless localisation systems Sewio Networkson the ninth and application developer Applifting on the tenth place.
  5. The special Recognition of Excellence is awarded exclusively in the Czech Republic to companies that use technologies in interesting ways. This year, the award went to DoDoXEVOS Solutionsand Pocket Virtuality. The latter is already skirting the edges of a different reality and works on teleportation…

What did the representatives of the three most successful Czech companies say during the award ceremony?

Josef Průša (founder and CEO of Prusa Research): “A growth rate of 4,527% seems huge, but we feel that we are still only at the beginning. Growth is measured by turnover, not by what percentage of our potential we actually use. And in this respect were are still at the start. The most important thing for us is that what we do makes sense. That people like our printers, like using them, recommend them to others, and that we could maybe help someone through all this).”

Štěpán Kopřiva (co-founder and CTO of Blindspot Solutions): “Why does development in the area of artificial intelligence generally take so long? It is not as easy as it looks. We develop artificial intelligence in many areas and we try to do it so that it can help. Artificial intelligence has already caught up with people at least in terms of speed. It is not there yet when it comes to the quality of decision-making, that is going to take long…”

Otakar Šuffner (co-founder and CEO of FF Trader): “Získejúčet is a platform where we look for successful traders on finance markets. We had the idea a few years ago in a small office in Žižkov where we started trading on the stock exchange, but we did not have the money for it. We prepared a school project but they told us that it was all rubbish and that it could never work. But we tried. And now we are here!”

Find out more about ranking and results @ Deloitte Fast 50 page.

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