National Recovery Plan and first calls

The Ministry of Industry and Trade had been preparing the National Recovery Plan (NRP) for several months and it was finally approved by the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) and the Council of the European Union last month. This means that the first calls are already being prepared and they are expected to be announced during November and December.

The objectives of the NRP are economic recovery and helping with addressing the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. The NRP additionally focuses on aiding environmental and digital transformation, boosting productivity and achieving sustainability. In total, CZK 180 billion in the form of subsidies will be distributed to companies and entrepreneurs.

The NRP consists of six pillars under which the aid will be provided:

  • Digital transformation
  • Physical infrastructure and green transition
  • Education and labour market
  • Institutions and regulation and support for businesses in response to Covid-19
  • Research, development and innovations
  • Health and resilience of the population

In the coming months, the calls focusing on the following issues are expected to be announced:

  • Water saving in businesses – the subsidised activities include, for example, water saving in companies through an increase in the distribution system efficiency, decrease in consumption during production while maintaining productivity, recycling, circulation or use of rainwater.
  • Circular solutions in businesses – the subsidised activities include, for example,
    the introduction of innovative technologies for the acquisition of secondary raw materials and the manufacture of products from secondary raw materials.
  • Photovoltaic systems with or without storage system – the subsidised activities include photovoltaic power stations, specifically on business buildings, including shelters.
  • Distribution of heat in district heating systems – the subsidised activities include, for example, the modernisation, development and interconnection of the existing heat supply systems and the installation or modernisation of technologies relating to the distribution, measurement and regulation.

The above calls are supposed to be intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises.

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