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New calls will support sustainable water management and circular economy in businesses

On 14 September 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced two long-awaited calls to promote more efficient resource management. Specifically, the “Sustainable Water Management” call, aimed at sustainable water management in industrial enterprises, and the “Circular Economy” call, aimed at increasing recycling infrastructure and an increased share of recycled materials in products.

The aim of the Sustainable Water Management call is to support water saving measures and optimisation of water management in the business sector through the implementation of circular economy and adaptation to climate change. Thus, the call can support, for example, investments in reducing water losses in closed circuits and water distribution systems, water recycling in water-intensive industries, installation of filtration technologies, rainwater harvesting or recovery, optimisation of cooling technology (e.g. replacement of open cooling towers by circulation cooling towers) and others.

The Circular Economy call focuses on reducing the waste of secondary raw materials and preventing waste generation. This call can therefore support, for example, investments in the re-use of own production waste, the production of secondary raw materials, semi-finished or finished products from selected waste or investments in waste prevention projects, etc.

Common threads of both subsidies:

Level of support per project:

  • 60% – small enterprises
  • 50% – medium-sized enterprises
  • 40% – large enterprises with no limit on the size of the business for the Sustainable Water Management call
  • 40% – large enterprises up to 500 employees (small mid-cap) for the Circular Economy call

Amount of the subsidy per project:

  • The minimum amount of the subsidy is CZK 1 million.
  • The maximum amount of the subsidy is CZK 100 million.


  • The project must be implemented throughout the Czech Republic outside Prague.
  • Up to three applications can be submitted for one corporate ID number (projects must be implemented in different locations).
  • Project implementation must be completed by 31 December 2026.

Specific conditions for individual calls:

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