New publication on Current Expected Credit Losses based on ASC 326

The accounting standard on Current Expected Credit Losses has now been in force for most companies. The experience from its application has raised a number of questions between users of accounts. Such a significant and complex area deserves proper focus and therefore a detailed publication was issued on this topic by Deloitte within the Deloitte Roadmap series.

The publication can be found on and will be useful for both experienced users of the standard for navigating through more challenging areas as well as for readers who require getting oriented within the basic principles. The publication combines the actual standard details with Deloitte’s interpretations and helpful examples.

The publication outlines key provisions of the standard, its scope, discusses principles of the recognition of unit of account, the measurement of expected credit losses, the application to trade and lease receivables, off-balance sheet commitments, reinsurance receivable,  purchased credit-deteriorated assets, available for sale securities. Further, you will find details on presentation and disclosure and current activities of key stakeholders in standards setting. Last but not least the publication outlines key differences between IFRS 9 and ASC 326.

Our professionals will be happy to support you with further analysis in this area, should you need a tailored approach to your specific circumstances.

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