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At the end of January, the Czech government approved the programming document for the Modernisation Fund. It is another step towards the preparation of individual subsidy calls from the Modernisation Fund where CZK 150 billion is allocated and intended for financing of environmentally friendly projects in the following ten years. The use of finances from this fund will be allowed not only to applicants from the public sector, but also to entrepreneurs and companies.

The Modernisation Fund is intended for funding of projects supporting investments in the modernisation of energy systems, increase in the energy efficiency and use of sustainable technologies. It aims to help countries lagging behind the economic performance of advanced European states, with the increase in the share of clean ecological resources and decrease in energy consumption and greenhouse gases. It will result in the support of the climate and environment which is the objective of the Green Deal strategy aimed at CO2 neutral Europe and abandoning coal use.

The programme document contains, in addition to basic objectives and strategies in the power industry and climate, nine defined subsidy programmes. Before 1 February, pre-registration applications were received in three programmes of the fund. Pursuant to the approved programme document, final calls themselves may currently be prepared allowing the use of funds. Individual calls will be issued during the second and third quarter of this year. The largest volume of funds may be used in programmes focusing on the support of renewable sources, modernisation of sets for the supply with heat energy and improvement in energy efficiency and decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in the industry in EU ETS.

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