Public tender in the TREND Programme for the support of industrial research and experimental development

The Czech Technology Agency plans to announce the fifth public tender in the TREND programme, namely within sub-programme 1, Technological Leaders. The TREND programme aims to support projects focused on putting the results of industrial research and experimental development into practice and supporting the penetration of new markets.

In particular, sub-programme 1 aims to support the research and development activities of enterprises to utilise them for their own business activities. Such enterprises are either those that have prior experience with the implementation of R&D activities using their resources, or enterprises that have already purchased R&D services from research organisations but have not yet developed their own R&D activities.

Applicants in the public tender may include enterprises as well as research organisations. The prerequisite for the projects is the achievement of a certain type of result, such as a prototype, working sample, software, industrial design or utility model. The grant covers personnel, subcontracting and other direct and indirect costs.

The announcement of the public tender is scheduled for December 2021.

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