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Singularity University is back a year later!

Robotics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, ethics, nanotechnology and other areas and topics. Come on 1 and 2 April 2019 to discuss the future with the biggest thinkers of the present time. We offer early bird ticket prices until 28 February.

Like last year, this year Deloitte is once again a partner of the Singularity University Summit, which will take place on 1 and 2 April 2019 at Žofín in Prague. The principal topics of the summit will include exponential technology, innovation, artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology. But there will also be time to talk about the future of banking, education and transport, and a key role will also be played this year by ethics or the role of democracy in today’s society.

Would you like to attend the event? As a platinum partner of the SU summit we offer you early bird ticket prices. For more information contact 

Deloitte recommends, or in other words speakers that you should not miss this year:

Larry Keeley
Recognised by Bloomberg as one of the seven most influential innovation gurus
Topics: innovation, smart manufacturing

Julian Savulescu
Philosopher and bioethicist, professor at the University of Oxford
Topics: ethics of genetic engineering, cloning

Amin Toufani
Introduced the term ‘exonomic’ (exponential economics)
Topics: cryptocurrencies, finance, exponential organisation

Deloitte KidsXO club at the Singularity University summit!

We do not forget our youngest, this year the Prague summit will once again include the Deloitte KidsXO club. It can be attended by children and young people from 8 to 18 years of age, with the condition of fluent knowledge of English and sending a drawing or a presentation or video containing an idea on “How to improve the Prague Airport?” There is no limit on creativity, any other format is acceptable. All pieces of work may be sent to

Singularity University
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Digital business transformation: The arrival of new technologies is inevitable, Czechs are demanding customers

Every good CEO should be able to keep up with new technologies and use them as efficiently as possible. Nevertheless, digital business transformation is a long haul and can sometimes become a stumbling block. Often, however, it is only a matter of starting with a change of mindset and opening yourself to progress. How do companies drive their customers crazy? How is digitalisation perceived by companies such as or Feedo? The Digital Transformation panel, as part of the Retail Summit organised by Blue Events, brought answers to these questions. 

11. 2. 2019
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Deloitte’s Conference Addressed the Current Issues and Challenges Faced by the Czech Health Care System

A shortage of nurses, doctors and medical students and their subsequent departure abroad, overtime work by medical staff, a low proportion of GDP going towards health care, and low wages and salaries. These are the most pressing issues affecting the Czech health care system as cited by Josef Veselka, Head of the Cardiological Clinic of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and the Motol University Hospital. What could be the solution? Restructuring the network of health care facilities, centralising patients and treatment, and reorganising the health care system as such. 

25. 1. 2019