Starting January 2021, the method of signing tax returns in EPO will change

At the beginning of September, the tax administration released the ePodpisFS application that, as of next year, will replace the current method of signing tax returns through the EPO web application using signature files with a qualified certificate.

The current method – the user fills in a tax return (or uploads an XML file) and signs it by selecting a qualified certificate from the browser or hard drive – will only work until the end of 2020. Starting January 2021 this method will be discontinued, and the only possible way to sign a tax return will be through the new ePodpisFS application or potentially by using a data box.

If you still want to use a qualified certificate to authenticate tax returns or if authenticating tax returns by one of the remaining methods is not an option for you for any reason, it will be necessary for your IT department to familiarise itself with this application and install it to relevant users, as it is not possible to install the application without administrator rights.

At the same time, we would like to point out that the tax administration may release updates and new versions of the application on a regular basis, which could potentially affect both the appearance and the functionality of the application. This could be problematic for users who do not speak Czech, as both the application and the relevant instructions are currently only available in Czech.

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