Employment of Foreigners


Blue card for foreigners: how to get it and what benefits does it bring?

A highly qualified workforce, increasing competitiveness, and equalising the gap between regions – these are some of the terms associated with the concept of blue cards. These are also the main reasons why this type of permit has been introduced in the territory of the European Union. The blue card is a permit whose primary objective is to attract skilled foreigners from third countries to the EU. It is valid in most EU countries (except Denmark and Ireland), which guarantees a uniform approach to the employment of foreigners. Thanks to a number of advantages for holders, this type of permit has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

22. 4. 2021

Government Programmes of Economic Migration and Their Current Use

In September 2019, the government programmes of economic migration were harmonised and simplified, which resulted in three basic projects: Qualified Worker Programme, Highly Qualified Worker Programme, and Key and Research Staff Programme. All these programmes have one thing in common: they can react to a current situation on the job market, simplifying and accelerating migration procedures. Participation in one of these programmes gives Czech companies a competitive advantage in employing foreign workers. At present, the programmes also fulfil another function – at the time when Czech embassies abroad have restricted the acceptance of applications for work visas, the programmes are the only way to obtain foreign workers. 

17. 6. 2020

Contractual Freedom in the Employment of Foreigners

Temporary unemployment, transfer to other work, unpaid leave. In view of the current situation, employers have been forced to dust off the often forgotten provisions of the Labour Code again. Employees do not want to lose their jobs, which is why both parties are looking for a mutually satisfactory solution. However, contractual freedom within the meaning of the Labour Code also has its limits in the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals. Let us summarise what needs to be thought of when adjusting the employment relationships of foreigners who reside here for the purpose of work. 

26. 5. 2020