The future of legal profession lies in technology, sustainability, and also in working with people

Where is innovation in law heading? According to Martin Bohuslav, Managing Partner of Deloitte Legal, the future is not only in technology but also in sustainability. This trend is also related to the area of working with the team. "We have to make sure that people see a value in their work that will be important to them throughout their careers."

In the opinion of Martin Bohuslav, sustainability is the value and perspective of the way of responding to life in regulation and taxonomy. “The discussion in our Central European area is not entirely simple, but we can see that business is beginning to respond to it and is beginning to see sustainability as a value. Clients do not want to do business that closes at the end of the fiscal year. They want to see beyond corners and sustainability is one of the topics that must be taken into account in this longer-term planning,” says the Managing Partner of Deloitte Legal. According to him, legal profession should also focus on the way of working with the team so that lawyers could see the values they want to rely on for the next ten or twenty years of their careers. “But I have to say for myself that it is quite an innovative approach. For a long time, legal profession was focused on effect, performance, economics, and this topic was sidelined. But we have to make sure that people see a value in their work that will be important to them throughout their careers,” he adds.

Digitalisation is not easy

When it comes to the technological area of innovation, the issue for Martin Bohuslav is mainly digitalisation. But even the digitalisation reaches its limits. “Working with paper is important to us and it is not easy to fully digitise our agenda. Nevertheless, I try to work in a way that is sustainable, and if I can have something in digital form, I have it,” says Martin Bohuslav. According to him, law firms can be completely digitised in the future, but it is not an easy way and a large investment is required.

As for the new technologies, Martin Bohuslav is interested in automated reading of documents. And what innovations do you think are still missing in the Czech environment? “For example, the opportunity to engage colleagues who are on maternity or parental leave back to work. And do this through a system that gives them the opportunity to choose the engagement and the time range they need,” he describes.

The article, also comprising the video interview (in Czech) with Martin Bohuslav, was published on 2 June 2022 on the website (edited)
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