The Intrastat reporting will change as of 1 January 2022

In line with the Government regulation on the implementation of certain provisions of the Customs Act in the area of statistics of 23 August 2021, the Intrastat reporting will change with effect from 1 January 2022. The new Government regulation has been prepared in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office and will replace the existing legislation, i.e. Regulation no. 244/2016 Coll. The main reason for the replacement of the existing legislation is the extensive change of the directly applicable EU legislation in the area of statistics relating to the trading of goods between the Member States.

Primarily, there will be terminology changes resulting from the new EU legislation. Newly, the terms “receipt of goods from another Member State” and “dispatch of goods to another Member State” will be replaced by “import of goods from another Member State” and “export of goods to another Member State”.

A fundamental change is the extension of the data range that will be necessary to collect in connection with the dispatch of goods, i.e. under the new terminology, with the export of goods to another Member State. Besides the existing data on exported goods, the reporting units will be obliged to report data on the country of origin of the exported goods and VAT identification number or a similar number that is used for value-added tax purposes and was assigned to the partner entity in the Member State to which the goods was exported. The range of data that are necessary to collect on goods imported from other Member States will remain the same. In comparison with the current state, it will not be extended or narrowed.

Furthermore, some other minor changes have been implemented such as increasing the limit for summary reporting of small consignments from EUR 200 to EUR 400 or reporting quantities in supplementary units rounded to whole numbers (if the value is greater than one) and other.

New simplified reporting

The most significant change in the Government regulation is the possibility for reporting units to report in a simplified way via simplified reporting. They can use this simplified way of reporting if they meet the following conditions: the volume of trade in goods with other Member States in a given direction for the previous calendar year did not exceed CZK 20 million and, at the same time, the reporting unit does not trade in commodities whose list will be stipulated by the Czech Statistical Office’s communication in the form of a code list published in the Collection of Laws and Collection of International Treaties. Therefore, in order for reporting units not to fulfil the condition of simplified reporting, it is sufficient that they trade in one of the commodities listed in the aforementioned communication of the Czech Statistical Office.

The taxCube application that simplifies and automates the preparation of VAT reports and Intrastat reporting will also address the new requirements arising from the Government regulation. This tool also enables its users to compare differences between the data reported in the VAT reports and Intrastat declarations for individual periods and thus promptly react to any inquiries from the tax administration or customs office. The application already enables uploading VAT identification numbers of business partners and countries of origin to the Intrastat register, regardless of whether the transaction relates to the receipt or dispatch of goods. If something in the source data is missing such as the VAT identification number or the weight, it can be filled in from other reports using the automatic “Vlookup”.

Are you interested in more detailed information on the upcoming changes? Do you need help with Intrastat reporting? Would you like to know more about taxCube? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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