What Is the Future of Electronic Sales Records?

During June, the Chamber of Deputies approved in the third reading an amendment to the Act on Sales Records. As such, the voting lasted several days because of more than 800 motions to amend. During July, the amendment was considered by the Senate, which dismissed it. The proposed amendment will thus be returned to the Chamber of Deputies.

The effective date of the amendment, or more precisely of its core part providing for extending the duty to record sales to the remaining payers, is postponed to the first day of the 7th calendar month following the date of the amendment being published in the Collection of Laws. The nearest ordinary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies is scheduled to take place in September 2019. Therefore, the question is when and in which wording the amendment is to be approved.

The current wording of amendment provides for the following:

  • Introducing the duty to record sales for the remaining payers (sale of own products, provision of services);
  • Ruling out the duty to record sales generated outside the Czech Republic;
  • New sales records exceptions for social services, visually impaired entrepreneurs, sale of freshwater fish from 18 to 24 December, pre-paid telephone cards as well as sales generated by air transportation and gambling;
  • Re-introducing the duty to include the tax ID number on receipts unless it includes the payer’s birth certificate number; and
  • Payers with annual sales up to CZK 600,000 may apply for recording sales in a paper form using a receipt block provided by the tax administrator.
Amendment to the Act on Sales Records EET