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Conditions of travel and residence of Russian and Belarussian citizens in the Czech Republic

In addition to the conditions for the entry and residence of Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic, we also provide an overview of the circumstances of immigration for citizens of Russia and Belarus.

The information provided in this article is up to date as of 1 April 2022, 12:00. In the article Conditions of travel of Ukrainian citizens, we summarize the conditions for their entry and stay in the Czech Republic.

This article is also available in the Czech version.
Статья также доступна на русском языке.

I do not have any residence yet in the Czech Republic

The Czech foreign mission in Saint Petersburg and in Yekaterinburg have been closed and thus it is not possible to use their consular or visa services. The visa section of the Czech embassy in Moscow is also closed, as is the visa section of the Czech embassy in Minsk.

The Czech Republic as well as the rest of the EU countries closed the air space for Russian airlines. It shall still be possible for Russian citizens to travel to the Czech Republic from other countries.

Citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus cannot apply for visas, long-term or permanent residence permits at any of the embassies of the Czech Republic. All proceedings on visa applications and long-term or permanent residence permit applications submitted by nationals of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus at any of the embassies of the Czech Republic shall be terminated. This measure also applies to applicants enrolled in one of the governmental migration programs. The order of applicants previously included in the migration programs will be maintained and, in the event of a renewal of the visa agenda, the allocation of deadlines will continue as usual. The Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic on the above will be valid for the duration of the state of emergency (currently until 31 May 2022).

Citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus who have already received a visa for the purpose of collecting a residence permit in the Czech Republic (so-called D/VR visa) will be able to complete the immigration process (i.e., provide biometrics for issuing a biometric card) and subsequently collect the permit and reside in the Czech Republic.

I already have a residence in the Czech Republic

All applications submitted on the territory of the Czech Republic (e.g., extension, change of purpose of stay, permanent residence permits) should remain in process at the Immigration office of Ministry of Interior. We recommend submitting an extension at the earliest opportunity (possible 120 days prior to the expiration date without presence at the Immigration office) and thus avoid longer processing times.

In view of the recent emergency, the operation and services of the Immigration offices of the Ministry of Interior are limited only to urgent agenda requiring personal attendance (i.e., applications of children born in the territory, first applications for residence permits, changes of the residence purposes, registrations after arrival, bridge visas). Other agenda (i.e., extension of visa/residence permit, reporting changes, submission of additional documents) should be dealt with and sent by registered mail.

This limitation also applies to the appointment-booking phone line that works in limited mode. For now, applications that require personal attendance can be submitted later and this later submission will be perceived as obstacle independent to the control of the respective applicant.

I have an EU family member in the Czech Republic

Applications for short-term visas for family members of an EU citizen submitted at the foreign missions of the Czech Republic by citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus will be processed as usual. Upon their arrival in the Czech Republic, these family members may apply for a temporary residence permit as a close or distant family member of an EU national residing on the territory of the Czech Republic.

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