Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is Back for Another Year, with Applications to be Sent by the End of July

First place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE ranking went to the Czech plane ticket search engine and seller, which became the fastest-growing technology firm in Central Europe in 2017. Third place in the ranking was awarded to the Czech 3D printing company Prusa Research. Both companies also featured in the top 10 of the five hundred fastest-growing companies in the EMEA region. Following what was one of the most successful years for Czech companies, Technology Fast 50 CE is now back for another year.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a competition for fast-growing public and private technology firms in Central Europe. “The companies are trendsetters that bring a new perspective on technologies and their application to day-to-day lives. If anyone contributes to innovations, it is them,” says Jiří Sauer, Fast 50 Director for the Czech Republic, by way of reminder.

Applications to be sent by 31 July 2018, with participation free of charge

And the fastest-growing technology firm in 2018 is… Register for the upcoming year of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and match your powers against international competition: be like or Prusa Research!

Besides the main ranking, firms also compete in other categories, such as Big 5, where last year’s first place went to the online fashion retailer ZOOT, or the Rising Stars category for firms that are too young to compete in the main category. This year’s addition is a special award for a product or service that positively affects society or the environment. In addition, Deloitte Czech Republic will specially announce a ranking of the fastest-growing software firms in the Czech Republic.

Interview with Jiří Sauer, The Head of Fast 50 in the Czech Republic

Registration for the competition’s next year is fully underway. What would you say about last year?

Last year, I was surprised by how incredibly balanced the top of the ranking was, with the firms in the first three places apart by only a few percentage points. The huge success of Czech firms, which placed first and third in the Central European ranking last year, cannot of course be forgotten.

What can people expect from the competition this year?

Ideally, the greatest possible participation of Czech companies and their great placings in the overall ranking. All of this combined with the fact that we will be able to promote original and successful business projects.

What chances do Czech firms have in your opinion? Who will score?

The beauty of Fast 50 is that every year it turns paper prerequisites on their heads, so I will not dare predict anything. However, I would like to call on everyone who is considering taking part in the competition to sign up. It would not be the first time that a company that did not want to compete at first reached top place.

For what firms is Technology Fast 50 actually intended?

At first, the competition was narrowly specialised to IT. Nowadays, the range is much broader. More and more companies are taking part in the competition that are not only engaged in software, but also hardware production, sophisticated technologies, or shared economy. Most importantly, the focus is on firms with a unique idea and story. Modern technologies overcome geographic limits with firms able to reach out to a great number of customers, which plays in their cards.

Why should they enter the competition?

Fast 50 is the longest-standing competition on the market. This year, it will take place for the nineteenth year in a row. It has seen the participation of companies that have succeeded in global terms and have achieved something. If I can succeed, I will compare myself to the competition and see where I stand. As the competition enjoys widespread publicity, I will make new contacts and become known to the broader public. I will gain easier access to funds as well as a strong partner that can help overcome obstacles faced by businesses.
Register today – participation in the competition is free of charge!

Let us look back at Czech business’s success last year, when won the Central European ranking and, together with Prusa Research, ranked among the top 10 fastest-growing firms in the EMEA region.


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