OPE support for the removal of old environmental burdens

The Operational Programme Environment is the fundamental subsidy programme in the field of environmental protection. On 15 March 2023, the schedule of planned calls for 2023 was updated, focusing, among other things, on strengthening the protection and conservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure.

Two of the planned calls of this schedule are undoubtedly of interest to both corporate and non-corporate entities – namely, Call 34, ’Investigation of the extent of pollution of the rock environment and associated risks, including the design of effective solutions’, and Call 35, ’Removal of contamination risks to human health, water resources or ecosystems and reclamation of old landfills’.

What can be supported:

The individual calls build on each other in their focus and aim to permanently remove old environmental burdens. The calls support business entities throughout the Czech Republic.

Call 34 will support activities such as the implementation of exploratory and follow-up work and the preparation of risk analyses of contaminated or potentially contaminated sites. Specifically, this may include survey work, drilling and sounding work, sampling and analysis, semi-operational tests, construction and subsequent disposal of temporary or permanent hydrological structures, etc. The output of these works should then be a risk analysis that demonstrates the extent of contamination at the site, and proposes further remediation procedures.

As a follow-up to Call 34, Call 35 supports projects for the remediation of the most seriously contaminated sites where risk analysis has verified that the contamination poses an unacceptable risk to human health. In view of this continuity, the activities of Call 34 are not supported. Instead, expenditure on the removal, encapsulation, immobilisation or elimination of contamination in a given matrix or the elimination of a contamination hotspot, including structural reconstruction or technology, may be supported. Specifically, this may include, for example, geological works, demolition works or the transport and removal of excess waste, site reclamation, etc.

Who may apply for the subsidy: Corporate and non-corporate entities, owners and tenants of affected areas and entities handling waste

Place of implementation: The whole territory of the Czech Republic, including Prague

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