Subsidies to support electromobility from the National Recovery Plan

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has published a call called “Electromobility Guarantee” where businesses of all sizes can apply for support for emission-free (battery and hydrogen electric) vehicles and charging stations in the form of a guaranteed instrument combined with a subsidy component.

Supported categories of emission-free vehicles and subsidy amounts:

The support is provided in the form of a portfolio bank guarantee of up to 70% of the principal amount of a commercial loan from a leasing company or commercial bank in combination with a financial contribution – a subsidy.  The total aid (i.e. the loan guarantee including the financial contribution) must not exceed the de minimis public aid limit. The range of aid amounts is as follows:

Category Amount of the guaranteed loan Financial subsidy per vehicle
M1 (passenger vehicle) From CZK 300 thousand to CZK 1.5 million Up to CZK 200 thousand/vehicle
N1 (freight vehicle) From CZK 300 thousand to CZK 2 million Up to CZK 250 thousand/vehicle
N2 up to 4.25 t (freight vehicle) From CZK 300 thousand to CZK 2.5 million Up to CZK 300 thousand/vehicle
Hydrogen-powered vehicle From CZK 300 thousand to CZK 2.5 million Up to CZK 300 thousand/vehicle
AC charging station Up to CZK 100 thousand Up to CZK 50 thousand/station
DC charging station up to 40 kW Up to CZK 250 thousand Up to CZK 100 thousand/station
DC charging station over 40 kW Up to CZK 400 thousand Up to CZK 150 thousand/station

Who may apply? 

  • Small, medium and large enterprises

Specific requirements of the call:

  • Separate charging stations cannot be purchased without an emission vehicle.
  • It is not possible to purchase emission-free vehicles with a purchase price higher than CZK 1,500,000 excluding VAT.
  • Prohibition to sell the subsidised vehicle or charging station for 24 months after the financial contribution has been made.
  • The vehicle/charging station must not be ordered before 1 February 2022.
  • When the guarantee agreement is concluded, the beneficiary of the aid will not pay any fee to the administrator of the financial instrument for the duration of the guarantee, and the duration of the loan must be at least 12 months.

Dates and deadlines:

Start date for receipt of applications: TBA (Q1 2024)

End date for receipt of applications: 30 September 2025

Latest date for completion of the physical implementation of the project: 31 December 2025

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