Amendment to the VAT Act


VAT News [May 2020]

The Chamber of Deputies will discuss amendments to the VAT Act, for instance an amendment establishing rules for intra-Community trade in goods or an amendment altering the procedures for mail order sale of goods. The Coordination Committee of the General Financial Directorate and the Chamber of Tax Advisers will deal with no less than two controversial topics. Find out what these topics are in the article. It also includes the newest judgements of the Court of Justice of the EU. 

20. 5. 2020

Companies May Utilize a Change in the Rules for Reporting Supplies to Consignment Warehouses in Accordance with the European VAT Directive

On 1 January 2020, an amendment of the EU VAT Directive entered into effect; it brings, among other things, a change in the rules for reporting supplies to consignment warehouses. The change applies to taxpayers supplying goods to their customers to consignment warehouses located in other EU member states. The Czech Republic has not yet completed the process of implementing the amendment, meaning that it is currently up to the taxpayers themselves whether they will follow it or whether they will adhere to the rules currently applicable in the Czech Republic. 

24. 2. 2020

VAT News [January 2020]

The amendment to the VAT Act is still in the legislative process; thus, the new rules called “Quick Fixes” have not yet come into effect, and this despite the EU requirements effective from 1 January 2020. The new rules will not come into effect before April 2020. The implementation of the general reverse-charge system in the Czech Republic for the supply of goods exceeding the limit of EUR 17,500 is getting delayed too. Find out what is new regarding VAT. 

20. 1. 2020

VAT news – March

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic has started working on the transposition of the EU Council’s Directive and Regulation that substantially amend the terms of cross-border trade in goods within the EU. In case C-647/17 Srf Konsulterna, the Court of Justice of the European Union upheld that in respect of the provision of multiple-day accounting courses for the general public, the place of supply is the venue where the event takes place. For more information, read the March VAT news. 

19. 3. 2019