Update of the OP TAC schedule for 2023

At the beginning of April 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade updated the schedule of calls for the Operational Programme Technology and Application for Competitiveness (OP TAC) for 2023. The update led mainly to an adjustment of the announcement dates of calls. We have prepared an overview of the most anticipated subsidy opportunities with the newly set announcement dates.

One of the first calls announced this year is the Virtual Enterprise – Call I. This programme can be used to support the area of information and communication technologies, in particular software and hardware, related to the significant shift in the digitalisation of society.

At the end of April, we expect the announcement of calls in the field of renewable energy sources, which will support the construction or modernisation of small hydropower plants or biomethane plants, including for applicants from the category of large enterprises.

Calls for supporting circular economy and water savings are announced for the third quarter and will be opened to small, medium, and large enterprises with medium market capitalisation (up to 3,000 employees).

The fourth quarter will bring opportunities mainly in the research and development and IT sectors, where it is planned to announce the calls Applications, Innovations and Digital Enterprise. The following table provides a more detailed summary:

Transport Programme 2030: The first public tender will be announced soon

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Transport Programme 2030: The first public tender will be announced soon
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