Articles by: Lucie Rolná


Monetary Meal Allowance: what pitfalls may occur when it is used?

With effect from 1 January 2020 and after more than 30 years, employers are thanks to the Amendment to the Income Taxes Act allowed to provide their employees with a meal contribution in financial form without having to prove its purpose. According to the Ministry of Finance’s statement, the “monetary meal allowance” is an addition to the current tax benefits for catering. What are the rules of its provision and what should not be forgotten so that employers can fully use the tax benefits? 

25. 5. 2021

Home office in quarantine in Q&A

Home office and its setting, quarantine, new requirements for employers and employees. We summarized 16 most important questions and answers that were asked during our webcast. Find out how to quickly set up home office, what tax regime applies for compensation for working from home, whether the employer can order the employee to work overtime or provide employees with contribution for travelling to work with their own car or how to deal with meal vouchers in these days. We summarized the most important things so that you can adapt to the new situation. 

1. 4. 2020