Practical examples of AI – a summary from the Deloitte + AWS Experience Lab

In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, few innovations have captured our imagination and transformed industries quite like Artificial Intelligence (AI). From self-driving cars to personalized recommendations, AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has revolutionized the way we work, communicate, and interact with the world around us.

The AWS and Deloitte Experience Lab

To demonstrate how AI can support organizations in their transformation journey, Deloitte and AWS organized an online Experience Lab. This event consisted of five sessions, during which we touched on several real cases, from contact centers using Generative AI for conversations to detecting anomalies in production lines. Showcasing the ease of deploying AI across different industries, the five case studies from the Experience Lab are detailed below.

1. Elevating Customer Support with Voice and Chat Bots

Contact center are experiencing numerous challenges connected with meeting customer expectations for personalized and efficient interactions and being able to address their requests. To meet these needs, businesses can use the combined power of Amazon Connect (a cloud-based contact center service) and Amazon Lex (a conversational AI service) to promptly transform their contact center operations.

We demonstrated that by leveraging AI and Machine Learning (ML), these services can enhance customer interactions through natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and personalized responses. Customers can seamlessly transition between voice and digital channels, ensuring a consistent and convenient omnichannel experience. These advanced technologies empower contact centers with real-time insights and contextual information, enabling them to provide personalized, efficient, and effective support.

Explore how Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, and their AI/ML-powered capabilities can revolutionize the contact center experience, driving customer satisfaction and business growth.

Try it for yourself, book a demo of Deloitte’s IRENA virtual contact center here.

2. AI & ML Prevent Production Line Failures in Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries face significant challenges in maintaining quality assurance due to the presence of missed defects and inconsistencies in their production lines. These issues often result in compromised product quality, increased rework costs and decreased customer satisfaction. Amazon Lookout for Vision is a cutting-edge computer vision service that provides an effective solution to these challenges.

By leveraging advanced ML algorithms (Amazon Lookout for Vision), we showed how it can enable real-time detection and identification of defects and anomalies in production lines. It empowered manufacturers to implement proactive quality control measures to decrease faulty products. With its scalable and intuitive capabilities, Amazon Lookout for Vision streamlines quality assurance processes, reduces the risk of delivering defective products, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Discover how Amazon Lookout for Vision transforms quality assurance in manufacturing, reducing operational costs, and improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

3. Energy-Consumption Planning and Analytics for Buildings and Manufacturing

Achieving sustainability while meeting the current energy demand poses challenges due to the fluctuating output of renewable energy sources. AWS provides a comprehensive set of services to address such challenges. For example, by leveraging the Amazon Forecast and AWS IoT TwinMaker tools, organizations can use real-time analytics, dashboards and visualizations to optimize energy distribution, enhance operational efficiency, and make data-driven decisions for a sustainable future.

We showed how Amazon Forecast utilizes advanced ML algorithms to accurately predict renewable energy generation patterns. With AWS IoT TwinMaker, organizations can create virtual replicas of renewable energy assets (digital twins), enabling simulation and optimization of operational scenarios. Real-time analytics provide continuous monitoring and analysis of energy production and consumption, while dashboards and visualizations offer intuitive insights for informed decision-making. Using these AWS services, organizations can effectively tackle the challenge of fluctuating renewable energy output, balancing sustainability with the current energy demand.

Click to learn more about Amazon Forecast and AWS Sustainability Solutions, and explore how this powerful combination of technologies empowers organizations to enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable environments.

4. Generative AI Enhances Contact Centers

Many consumer-facing organizations have contact centers to support their customers, for example using voice or chat bots. With recent advancements in AI, there is a potential to streamline operations, improve customer experiences, and drive business growth by incorporating Generative AI into contact centers. It allows organizations to optimize their resources, deliver personalized support, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. In addition, it demonstrates how much easier it is to provide more comprehensive support by using generative AI capabilities.

Through the use of Deloitte and AWS’ contact centers with Generative AI, cost reduction and better customer service can be achieved.

5. Data-Driven Supply Chain

In current global situation and its challenges, the collection and analysis of data are crucial for both business survival and growth. This emphasizes the need of implementing new tools for data processing and shifting to data-driven approach.

By implementing a data-driven approach in a supply chain can be achieved significant enhancement in efficiency, better demand forecasting, inventory optimization, better supplier management and many other use cases. All these factors could help to cut costs, increase revenue, mitigate risk connected to supply chain outages, and supports strategic decisions, not only in supply chain domain.

This demonstration showed how Deloitte can help customers on their supply chain journey by making the supply chain more efficient.

 AWS and Deloitte Partnership + How we can help you

Deloitte’s expertise across many industries combined with the innovation and technology experts from AWS is a unique combination of global business transformation experience and market-leading technology. Our expertise can help you to drive maximum value and impact with business solutions that build tomorrow’s innovations touching AI. If you would like to try any of these demos, or would like to discuss how AI can help your specific organization, please contact us.

Previous AI Collaboration Between Deloitte and AWS

This Experience Lab was a follow-up initiative of Deloitte’s global 24-Hour AI Conference. The one-of-its-kind conference attracted experts and leaders from 14 countries around the world. It reached more than 3500 enthusiastic attendees and showed off AI’s potential.

A key conversation about AI took place between Deloitte’s AI and Data Leader in Czechia and Slovakia Donovan Spronk and Amazon Web Services’ Enterprise Technology Leader Vyasaraj Kulkarni. They discussed how technology leaders and organizations can expect AI to change their work and what challenges they may face when adopting AI.

In addition to successfully educating the world about the marvels of AI, the event fostered insightful discussions, engaging workshops, and immersive demonstrations that left a lasting impact on the participants. Our event became a catalyst for knowledge-sharing and collaboration, propelling the understanding and adoption of AI to new heights.

Watch a recording of Deloitte Central Europe’s contribution to the 24-Hour AI Conference.

The article was written by Jan Hejtmánek, Partner in the Consulting department, Deloitte, and Ahmed Essa, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services.

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