Articles by: Jan Hejtmánek

People  Technology 

Remote life: Automation, application reduction, and automatic tracking of KPIs can help improve your team’s work habits

Promptly sending employees to their home offices is how most organizations responded to the coronavirus crisis. This resulted in a change of the typical work model, leaving a room for its improvement. The scope of work itself has remained the same or similar, but the work environment, work habits, cooperation, and communication between colleagues have changed dramatically. So, how can managers reduce and prevent the potential negative effects of this change on employees? Conversely, how can they take advantage of the benefits of working from home and adaptive or hybrid workplaces? The answer is a better use of artificial intelligence and data. 

2. 6. 2021
People  Technology 

Remote life: How can companies benefit from an adaptive or hybrid workplace?

The current situation shows how workforces must adapt to working across different locations with much higher proportions working from home/remotely. This has impact not only on how teams work together, but also how organizations can benefit from an adaptive or hybrid workplace. A number of benefits have been recognized for an adaptive workplace – the combination of working in the office and working from home – such as a higher degree of engagement, higher productivity, and better well-being. 

11. 5. 2021

Automation vs employees: Who will lose their jobs?

The introduction of automation means the role of people within organizations are changing. While companies have been changing since the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s and change itself is nothing new, the rate at which we are seeing technological advances is significantly faster than in previous years. The fear some face about their jobs being at risk of automation is understandable, however it is my aim here to explain why we should not be so quick to panic. 

11. 5. 2018