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Protected account – a shield against unauthorised asset seizures and debt traps

As a protection against unauthorised asset seizures, obligated persons can open the so-called protected account starting from 1 July. The protected account cannot become subject to seizure and shall be used to deposit financial resources that are not subject to seizure such as maintenance for children or unseizable salary minimum. The concept of protected accounts is supposed to be a solution of multiple seizures when the income of the obligated person is subject to salary deduction and the remaining amount is subject to another seizure – this time by ordering a receivable from the account. Let us have a look at how this new instrument will work. 

2. 6. 2021
People  Technology 

Remote life: Automation, application reduction, and automatic tracking of KPIs can help improve your team’s work habits

Promptly sending employees to their home offices is how most organizations responded to the coronavirus crisis. This resulted in a change of the typical work model, leaving a room for its improvement. The scope of work itself has remained the same or similar, but the work environment, work habits, cooperation, and communication between colleagues have changed dramatically. So, how can managers reduce and prevent the potential negative effects of this change on employees? Conversely, how can they take advantage of the benefits of working from home and adaptive or hybrid workplaces? The answer is a better use of artificial intelligence and data. 

2. 6. 2021
People  Technology 

The ordinary offices are out. The home office has proved useful during a pandemic, work from anywhere is just a step ahead

As a result of a coronavirus pandemic, home office has become a relatively common. And it is clear that the trend of working at our homes (or out of the offices in general) will affect the future of work. Therefore, companies should not underestimate it - on the one hand, it brings comfort and flexibility to employees, on the other hand, it can also be a source of stress and frustration. How does the companies can set up an efficient and sustainable work model from anywhere? The key to success is to become a virtual organization in every way. Let's take a closer look at the topic of workplace. 

28. 5. 2021