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Deloitte Shared Services Conference 2019 addressed current topics and the latest technology for shared services centres

The Deloitte Shared Services Conference in Dublin was attended by 27 major clients from the Czech Republic. The 2019 conference focused on robotic automation, artificial intelligence, digital HR and the future of work, which rank among the hot topics at present, as well as on the latest technologies for shared services centres. At this year’s conference, Deloitte Czech Republic introduced a demo version of Anaplan developed by our Financial Transformation team that was custom-tailored to the specific needs of the SSC sector. 

22. 10. 2019

Legal News in e-Commerce, Blockchain and FinTech

The latest news in the area of e-commerce includes the adoption of an EU regulation for multilateral platforms, a bill that may enable the utilisation of banking identities in online legal acts, new obligations concerning Strong Customer Authentication and progress achieved in the implementation of new consumer directives. As a matter of interest, we are also presenting a study focusing on appropriate forms of communicating legal information. 

18. 10. 2019

Legal Risks in Property Acquisition

In recent years, the Czech Republic has experienced a stable growth of real estate prices, especially with regard to apartments and buildings for commercial use, such as offices or business premises. As a result, the real estate market is offering ideal conditions for vendors at present. On the contrary, a weaker position stems in this situation for buyers, especially as to their negotiation strength and possibilities for affecting the form of transactions. To put it simply, buyers cannot dictate too much as there are not so many suitable offers. Contrarily, there are usually more interested parties. The above-mentioned circumstances then exert pressure on real estate investors to diminish their prudence regarding an appropriate treatment of potential legal risks related to the real estate acquired, in addition to other transaction parameters. However, we can by no means recommend such a concession from prudence in respect of legal risks. 

18. 10. 2019